ARK: Survival Evolved Apk Download

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Bored of the same old mobile video games? Try ARK Survival Evolved, (exclusive for Android). This game is set in a prehistoric fictional world where humans coexist with dinosaurs.

The games on mobile devices, according to experts, are the preferred form of entertainment in the future, and ARK Survival Evolved is proof of that.

This online game is a mobile adaptation of its original version for computers. It is practically the same dynamic. So you won’t miss out on anything essential if you’ve ever played its original version.

What is ARK Survival Evolved?

ARK Survival Evolved is a first person survival game, it takes place on a wild island where dinosaurs dominate. The game is fully multiplayer, so it is possible to contact other players and create alliances.

Survival Evolved Features

It is an open world adventure, in which you are a human. You face the challenge of surviving by searching for basic resources and then progressing by building shelter and tools. Finally, you will be able to dominate and train the dinosaurs that are around you. Let’s see the most important features!

Open world

One of the main characteristics is that the video game has a gigantic map well set in prehistoric times. This means that you will almost always have an unexplored area on ​​the map.

Create and build

The great map is not only filled with landscapes and ecosystems, but also with resources that will be the primary factor in your progress in the video game. With these resources, you can create everything from weapons and clothing to a shelter or a large town. It all depends on how big your goal is.

Dinosaurs and other species

The essence of the video game is dinosaurs. You will find more than 80 species of dinosaurs at your disposal, to train. Your interaction with these species is not limited only to tame them, but you can also mate and raise them.

You will be amazed to see that dinosaurs are not the only animals you can interact with, there are also other creatures with which you will have contact, in the vast amount of ecosystems.

Offline and online

You can enjoy the adventures of ARK Survival Evolved in solo offline, but you can also launch into survival with, or against, other players. In this way, you will find more complexity when advancing in this video game.

!An advice! If you decide to play online, you can access the exclusive ” tribes ” feature, which allows you to share experience points, resources and more with other players.

Payment benefits

One of the ways to benefit from payments within the video game is the subscription or “Primal Pass”, which can be both monthly or yearly. Among these benefits you will find:

  • Entry to preferred servers
    The double gain of experience points
  • Advertisements exemption
  • And finally, a premium badge in the form of a badge, next to your username

However, subscriptions are not the only form of payment benefit. The currency that you will use within the video game is called “ancestral amber” and you can get it scattered around the map. You can also benefit from rewards for having won a match against the most powerful dinosaurs.

Even ancient amber can also be obtained through the real currency exchange. But keep in mind that all the resources of the video game are paid for. This is positive because it avoids an imbalance in favor of the players who decide to invest real currency in the video game.

Requirements and performance

ARK Survive Evolved, like other mobile video games such as PUBG or Fortnite, is one of the most demanding in terms of mobile device resources.

The first thing you should know is that this video game is only available in the Android operating system, specifically in versions of Android 7.0 onwards. It also works if your device has Vulkan support.

Another requirement is that the device must have at least 3GB of RAM memory and, finally, 2GB of storage space, at least available.

You may not be able to fully enjoy this video game yet if your device is overheating. In these cases, and to help you have a smooth and stable experience, you have to resort to the sacrifice of keeping the graphic settings to a minimum. !Here we tell you how to do it!

In the configuration menu within the game, you will find the graphics settings, specifically two: graphics quality and resolution.

Graphics quality

It offers you three modes: low, medium and epic. The epic setting could make even the latest gadgets overheat, so we don’t recommend it, unless you’re 100% sure.

The medium setting gets rid of real-time lighting and shadow effects, giving you a smoother gaming experience. But if you want to go to the extreme and don’t give much importance to graphics, then select the low setting. This way you will have the most stable flow possible.


If you need more stability, you can reduce the resolution of the video game below the native resolution of the device. As a result, you can play perfectly, without a problem and you will not notice any difference unless you have a screen smaller than 6 inches.

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