Clash of Clans Apk Download v13.576.7

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Clash of Clans is a free game whose app can be downloaded on Android mobile phones. It is a very novel multiplayer strategy game, which is capitalizing on more and more fans around the world.

How to play Clash of Clans

Build a village: in Clash of Clans the main objective is to build your village, during the game you will have to enlarge it and improve the buildings. For that, you will have to use two types of resources: elixir and gold. There are two methods to obtain them: extract them from the ground or steal it from your neighbor. When you start the adventure, you land with a cannon, a gold reserve, an elixir reserve, an elixir extractor, and a level 1 gold mine.

Create your Clan: to conquer the neighboring villages, you will have to create your own soldiers: giants, archers, barbarians, etc. After each battle, you will automatically lose all soldiers deployed on the field, even if they are alive at the end of the game.

Secure your resources: Initially, it is essential that you place a new elixir extractor and a new gold mine so as not to be left behind in obtaining resources. Next, you need to place a new cannon and improve the supply of elixir.

Enlist your attack units: you must always have a full barracks to have units formed while the other combatants will go on the attack. When this is done, you must first increase the number of tanks.

Attacking constantly: during the development of the game of Clash of Clans you must always attack continuously. In fact, you should never have troops that do nothing. The trophy acquisition is also something that is not necessarily positive, this will make you face stronger opponents, whereas if you do not win trophies intentionally, you will be able to attack easy targets and your city will not be exposed to massive attacks.

How to rob abandoned villages

Clash of Clans is a game with a lot of history and several years behind it, so it is very possible to find abandoned villages full of resources and ready to raid… get ready with this guide to rob abandoned villages!

Attack abandoned villages

The most effective way to loot an abandoned village in Clash of Clans is through barbarian heroes; With them, you will be able to attack both the elixir stores and the outer banks and, after a short rest to regenerate them, continue with the looting.

Finding abandoned villages: the key

The easiest way to find them is:

  1. We press the menu button, on the left side (the orange tab).
  2. We will click on “Join a clan”.
  3. In the search bar, enter “Inactive” (without the quotes).
  4. You will see a list of clans in Clash of Clans with the same name. This happens because they have not played for a long time, and they are renamed in this way.
  5. Check if their heroes are walking around the village, if it is full of trees and stones it means that they have not entered for a long time.
  6. You just have to choose one by one and go looking for those that have not yet been attacked to take their resources.
  7. Another way to find this type of village is by pressing the next button when we look for someone to attack and look at the details previously mentioned. If they don’t have a clan, it will normally be empty, so that’s another good indicator.
  8. The latter is not very profitable, since we will have to spend gold to find an abandoned village in Clash of Clans , so after 100 attempts it might not pay off.

Important tips and warnings for playing Clash of Clans:

  • It is essential to save the gems that are a very limited resource during the game.
  • You can only attack players who are online, and the attacking player will attack you in turn.
  • Your opponents are chosen primarily based on your number of trophies in the new village.
  • If you lose a duel, you lose trophies, but not resources. The loot you win in case of victory does not come from your opponent.
  • If two leaders score the same number of stars and inflict the same percentage of destruction on the enemy village in a duel, there is a tie and no one wins anything.
  • You cannot reject an opponent that the game has chosen for you.
  • A good leader must know how to balance his attacking potential and his defensive preparations.
  • Don’t forget to hone your worker base plan as you upgrade your clan.

Types of troops in Clash of Clans

There are three classes of troops in Clash of Clans, the normal ones, the dark ones and finally, the heroes. Let’s see them one by one:

Grade One Normal Troops

Barbarians: s on the attacking troops par excellence and with which everyone starts to play Clash of Clans. Their effectiveness lies when they all attack en masse, making them a terrible enemy.
Archers. they are ranged attack units, along with the barbarians and goblins, of the most basic available. The above, however, does not prevent them from being very useful troops thanks to their great range. Disadvantages? Without a doubt his little life.
Leprechauns. his specialty is assault and theft of resources. With less life than barbarians, but more than archers, they are ideal for attacking villages (always accompanied by giants, for example) and acquiring these precious resources.
Gigantes. They are troops in charge of destroying defensive buildings, prioritizing these over the others. The only problem is their low attack, so it takes a lot of them to be effective. They can be used with archers to distract enemy defenses with giants while the sky fills with arrows.

How to recover a Clash of Clans account or village

Have you lost your regular COC account? We show you how to fix it! It is important that you carry out these instructions that we are going to detail as soon as possible, since if much more time passes you may not be able to recover your account or village and you need to open a new Clash of Clans account.

Steps to recover your CoC account 2017

“It can’t be, I lost the account I had of Clash of Clans” Don’t worry! Follow these steps:

  1. We open Clash of Clans, either from a mobile or from the web. Once inside we will look for the button that says “Help and support”.
  2. We will click on the upper right tab to send a message to Support, in which we must include the following information: • Name of your two villages (old and new).
    • Name of your clans.
    • Level of your two villages.
    • Town Hall level in both villages.
    • Date you started playing with your old account (the one you lost). Just tell them the month.
    • If possible, add a screenshot of your lost village.
  3. Now, then click on “Send” and we wait.
  4. After a few days of waiting, Clash of Clans support will contact you if they successfully locate your village. If this is the case, you will receive a code.
  5. Copy this code in the settings or Configuration / Add a device part so that you can recover your Clash of Clans account.

Recover Clash of Clans account with Facebook

In this case, you will need to send your Facebook username to Support to recover the account linked to it. Otherwise, the same happens if you forget your Gmail credentials, you just have to follow the above mentioned tutorial and in a few days, you will be back playing Clash of Clans with the synchronized account you had.

Backup your Clash of Clans account

Very few know that a backup can be made, so that, in cases like these, the account can be recovered automatically. You only need to link your Clash of Clan account to Google+, to do this, completely log out of the game, and re-enter by clicking on the option to log in with your Gmail contact email. Once you are connected, your linked account will be instantly synced to your device and you can play the game from the game center.

Clash of Clans Popularity

Clash of Clans by Supercell is an app with a strong addiction that currently reaches 136 million monthly users. In its six years in the mobile market, since 2012, this simple strategy game has established an empire for its creators and is gaining popularity.

Its more than 22 million downloads since its creation confirm that this Clash of Clans app is a game that has come to stay for a long time.

Out of the billions of apps on Google Play and the App Store, Clash of Clans has accomplished what hardly any other mobile game has. Its developers always manage to stay on top of the games of digital popularity, while stiff competition inevitably falls.

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