Mental and Physical Benefits of Playing Archery

playing archeryArchery is one of the few forms of sports that enthusiasts can play both outdoors and indoors. According to Wikipedia, archery is defined as the sport or skill of using bows and arrows to shoot specific targets. Humans discovered archery around 10,000 BCE, and back then, they employed the practice to hunt animals. Later, humans used archery concepts, i.e., shooting arrows using bows, to eliminate enemies during wars. Nowadays, archery is a popular activity and a well-renowned sport.   

When it comes to the official sport, archers need to shoot arrows at a fixed target consisting of numerous circles or rings. Archers try to aim and shoot arrows at the centremost point of the target as it earns them the maximum number of points. It is a popular sport that tons of people around the world play.

People who like archery can also play it online. Numerous applications are available for individuals who wish to play archery games and shoot at fixed targets using bows and arrows. Playing online archery games is a great way for players to improve accuracy, hand-eye coordination, and concentration skills. Anyone who wishes to indulge in online archery can get started by downloading the right application on their smartphone. 

Archery is an enjoyable sport that is played by millions of people globally. Besides being an interesting and fun sport, archery also has numerous physical and mental benefits. Here are some of them:

Individuals who do not have much confidence in their skills may greatly benefit from playing archery. Archery facilitates players to improve confidence and become more aware of what is happening around them. Thus, individuals who do not like playing other sports like basketball or football can truly develop more confidence and become healthier and more fit by playing archery. 

  • It Facilitates Players to Get Into Better Shape

Archery enhances the strength of the players’ arm muscles, shoulders, chest, and back. When an archer draws an arrow, every muscle in their arms gets stressed, facilitating better blood flow. Since the player takes some time to aim precisely at the target, the arms are stretched for quite a while. When repeated multiple times, it leads to the development of muscles present in the upper body. Furthermore, playing archery helps players to maintain their physique. It is a great alternative for individuals who do not like to go to the gym or run every day. The sport forces players to use different body parts, including legs, arms, back, etc. Numerous factors determine how many calories a player will burn, such as the weight of the equipment, the speed at which the player draws and shoots, the distance between the target, etc. Archery significantly helps players burn the excessive fat present in different parts of their bodies when played regularly. As a result, their overall physique and body shape get better. 

  • It Enhances Players’ Immunity and Minimizes Stress

Indulging in archery is a great way for players to boost their immune system since archery releases stress and adrenal hormones such as epinephrine and norepinephrine. This improves the immune system of players and facilitates them to be quicker and more agile. Furthermore, playing archery also improves the cardiovascular health of players by improving their blood flow. This, in turn, helps lower players’ stress levels, which makes them stronger and healthier.

  • It Reduces Anxiety and Promotes Calmness

Archery offers active meditation, which is proven to uplift the mood of individuals. Furthermore, it eases feelings of anxiety and depression. Since the sport requires unflinching focus, players who have PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) find archery to be a very relieving activity. Archery puts the mind of players at ease and allows them to focus on their target. Besides this, archery also helps players achieve mindfulness, aka being present in the moment.

  • It Improves Vision

Since the sport is all about precisely hitting the target, archery significantly helps in improving the vision of players by maximizing hand-eye coordination. Aiming an arrow, shooting it, and pulling back the bow facilitates players to enhance their balancing abilities and allows them to have more control over their actions. Moreover, archery is a great sporting activity for individuals who wish to improve their coordination and balancing skills.  

  • It Elevates Focus

Focus is one of the most important traits any individual should have to succeed. Besides improving players’ physical strength, balance, and hand-eye coordination, archery also helps players develop laser-like focus. While aiming at the target, an archer must be able to sideline all other thoughts and deviate all of their focus towards the target in front of them. However, it is not a skill that anyone can easily learn overnight. Therefore, regularly indulging in archery games is one of the most foolproof ways of becoming more focused. 

  • It Increases Flexibility

Another benefit of playing archery is that it helps players increase their flexibility. Since hitting the target requires precision, the player must adjust their position and stance based on numerous factors. As a result, repeatedly shooting helps players become more flexible and agile. 

As mentioned in the points above, archery betters the physical health of players and helps players be mentally healthy. The skills and experience gained by playing archery can be very beneficial in numerous aspects of life, so every individual should practice or play archery at least once in their life.

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