Netflix Apk Download v7.75.1

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Netflix is ​​the official application of this popular ‘streaming’ service for movies and series. Thanks to which we can see all the content of our account, on our Android device. Of course, we will need to have a registered user account and be subscribed to any of their subscription plans.

From the Netflix mobile app, we can access all the content of our region as well as content from all over the world. That includes all movies, documentaries and of course series. All our devices will be perfectly synchronized. If we leave a chapter in the middle on our TV, we can continue where we were going on the Android.

We will have the possibility to share our opinions with each chapter or movie and assign it a specific score. The important thing is that we will have a huge amount of audiovisual material in our pocket. We will be able to enjoy it both in the original version with subtitles and as dubbed.

Why pay when I can get free Netflix alternatives?

There are indeed programs such as Stremio, Pordede, Popcorn Time or Pelis Magnet that have a broader catalog than that of the legal video-on-demand platform. The content offered in Spain, although many, is less than what we find in the United States.

Well, it exclusively offers series of the caliber of Narcos, House of Cards, Black Mirror or Stranger Things although, it is true. We miss Game of Thrones, Westworld, The Sopranos or The Wire, to name some of its arch enemy HBO.

What happens is that the aforementioned apps offer content from both platforms and without paying. So why pay between € 7.99 and € 11.99 (depending on how many people you are sharing with) when you can watch it all for free? Well, basically we could tell you that they are illegal services and that if we pirate the little that can reach a creator, even less reaches them.

At the same time, they are services that offer their contents by downloading torrents, that do not have a technical service or user support. It is easy for you to find their fallen servers when you least expect it. That Pordede thing doesn’t work it’s more common than you think …

Anyway, beyond the Netflix vs HBO war in which we do not enter because we love the catalog of both platforms. We could not say which is better in both, this is a good bet to enjoy online television like never before you had.

Netflix plans available

There are three different plans that you can choose from, which differ mainly in the maximum number of simultaneous reproductions and the video quality:

The basic service only allows viewing on a single device at a time, in standard 720p quality.
The standard service allows you to view up to two screens at the same time, in HD quality.
The highest plan is the Premium, which allows playback on 4 screens at the same time, in HD and Ultra HD quality.

Netflix Hot Features


The first thing to highlight is its incredible design, very well worked and optimized for any device.

Fast navigation

You can navigate quickly and safely, exploring the different categories, such as movies, TV shows, and even long documentaries that will be very interesting to you. In each section, you can select the genre of your preference to better filter the content and simplify your search.

Intuitive search engine

Another option to find the series or movie you were looking for is through the search engine that it incorporates. You just have to click on the magnifying glass symbol and write what you want to see.

Recommendations list

A great feature of Netflix is ​​the ability to choose your preferences, with which the service will create a list of recommendations for you, according to the match it has with your tastes and interests. In each series, you will see a percentage that indicates the level of similarity that the series has with the tastes you have selected.

Own list

You can also create your own list, with the series that you liked and that you want to see later, so you will not lose sight of them.


The video quality is adjusted based on your internet speed, to reproduce the content without stopping.

Language and subtitles

Allows you to adjust the language of the series and activate subtitles. Among the options available are Spanish, English, Italian, German, among others.


If you share your account with your family, you can create different profiles. Each one has their own personal space, with suggested series based on their tastes. Another advantage is that you can create a children’s profile for the kid, where only animated series will appear.

Some Other Netflix Features

  • We constantly add series and movies. Search for new titles or your favorites; you can view them on any device.
  • The more content you watch, the more Netflix refines the series and movies it recommends.
  • You can create up to 3 profiles on a single account. With profiles, each member of your household has their own personalized Netflix experience.
  • There is a kid’s section with content for the child’s family.
  • You have video previews of our series and movies, and we notify you of new episodes and premieres.
  • You can save your data. Download titles to your mobile device to watch them wherever you want without an Internet connection.

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