Presentation : An Animation Software for traditional animator.

What is Animation Software?

Animation software is a box of tools that allows traditional animators to create animated content using modern digital techniques.

It provides a platform for artists to bring their drawings to life, adding layers as background and foreground with visual effects to their work.

How does Animation Software Work?

Animation software works by allowing artists to create a series of frames or images that, when played in sequence, give the illusion of movement, and it’s fun !

These frames can be drawn by hand or created digitally using a variety of tools and techniques.Once the frames are created, the software enables animators to add timing, transitions, and special effects to enhance the overall animation.

The software also provides a timeline to simulate the traditional light table and editing tools that allow animators to fine-tune their work, adjusting the timing, speed, and order of the frames to create a seamless animation.

Benefits of Animation Software for Traditional Animators

Animation software offers several benefits for traditional animators:

  • Efficiency: With animation software, animators can create and edit their work more quickly and easily compared to traditional methods.
  • Flexibility: Digital animation software allows for easy experimentation and iteration, enabling animators to try different techniques and styles without the need for erasing or starting over.
  • Collaboration: Online animation software programs offer collaboration features, allowing multiple artists to work on the same project simultaneously, regardless of their physical location.

A Popular Animation Software for Traditional Animators

It is this is a professional animation software used by many animators worldwide.

It offers a wide range of features, including advanced drawing tools, symmetries tools, gold rules capabilities, and a powerful timeline for mimic a light table precise control over animations.

It offers a range of brushes and tools as gold rules that mimic traditional media, allowing artists to create animations with a unique and organic style

Key Features of this Animation software :

  • Powerful Light table system
  • gold rules
  • multi layers, multi canvas
  • many brushes rectangle, circle or from another canvas
  • unique and amazing pixel art tools
  • color render engine filling in RGB
  • export JPEG, PNG, ICO, GIF, MP4


Choosing the right animation software can greatly enhance your drawing experience without eyes strain and headache, and improve your manner to manage your time and your creativity,

Consider your art preferences and needs, and select the animation software that best suits you .

Happy short film !


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