SkySafari Apk Download v6.7.0

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SkySafari is an astronomy application that shows specific details of the universe and its elements. The application consists of graphics and images of constellations, planets and stars with their names.

Its interface has an updated database with the best spatial information. In addition, it has a simulator to go back or advance in space time. Also, it consists of a telescope to observe the celestial elements with augmented reality. Its Galaxy View mode allows you to see deep objects from your mobile.

Therefore, download SkySafari and you will get the best information reviewed with impressive graphics. It is very easy to use and is available for Android.

Observe the universe up close with your device

SkySafari has complete information on the universe and its elements thanks to its large database. It allows you to know the stars, size, position and the option to control a virtual telescope. With this telescope, you can locate the Sun, Mars or the Moon and you will get an arrow to track their precise locations in the sky.

Plus, it shows you stunning views of Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter. Also, you have access to about 120,000 stars, nebulae, galaxies and other planets. You just have to pick up the mobile and in real-time you can locate them with their movements. Also, you can see asteroids, satellites, comets and the International Space Station.

Also, the application has brief reviews about the history and science of the universe. They are exposed to astronomical images and photos of spaceships. What’s more, the SkyWeek section keeps you up to date with events in the sky constantly.

This app even allows you to simulate the night sky in the past and in the future. It allows you to predict events such as comets, meteor showers, transits and other types of celestial events.

Apart from this, the App has the orbit mode, perfect for traveling and exploring the solar system. Its graphics are very well designed, with very vivid details.

SkySafari Version 6

Version 6 of the app was updated with the possibility of storing your observations of celestial elements in the cloud. You can make a backup if you lose your mobile and access it from

Another of its novelties is its new options bar that you can hide on the screen of your computer. Add new information on comets and asteroids.

Plus, you get audio guides with narrations to learn more about the history and mythology of the sky. It tells you how to pronounce the names of the stars, planets, and constellations. It has Galaxy View that shows you the three-dimensional position of the stars and other elements of the Milky Way.

SkySafari Features

  • An application that has complete information about the universe.
  • Telescope to observe celestial objects with augmented reality.
  • Night vision with hundreds of stars.
  • It allows you to see animated meteor showers and stunning graphics.
  • It allows you to know the past and future of the universe.
  • Explanatory narrations with audios of 4 hours of spatial history.
  • The database is updated regularly.

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