What Are The Strategies To Indulge In Steamy Bathtub Sex With Escorts? 

Are you tired of the same old routine of having sex in the bedroom? You can spice up things and try something new by having sex in a bathtub. Bathtub sex is a fantastic way to explore new sensations and add new excitements when enjoying with escorts. Let’s explore some tried and tested methods to have steamy sex in a bathtub. 

Why Bathtub Sex is Worth Trying with Escorts?

Bathtub sex is worth trying as it can help you arouse your intimate sensations. The feeling of warm water and the sensory pleasure can reignite your sexual desire. Sexologists opine that the buoyancy of water can help you relax muscles and increase blood flow. While engaging in bathtub sex with escorts, safety should always be your main priority. 

The Best Bathtub Sex Positions 

If you are passionate about vaginal and anal sex, regular classics should be your preferred choice. You can hire escorts from ListCrawler to try to reverse cowgirl and doggy style. However, ensure that you have enough support to thrust your penis into the call girl’s pussy. 

On the other hand, if you are feeling uncomfortable, you should use the tub for foreplay. Striptease in a bathtub can be fun if you appoint the right call girls. They will show off their best moves to make you crave more. 

Use Lubes to Make Bathtub Sex More Comfortable 

Water may wash away your natural lubrication. Therefore, using lubes can make things sexier and more comfortable for you and the escort. Ensure that you invest in a waterproof lubricant to have sensual fun. A good-quality lubricant is integral to help you experience multiple orgasms. You can also use flavored lubes to make the overall environment conducive to sex. 

Be Mindful of the Space 

It is common to experience space constraints while having sex with an escort in a bathtub. While having sex in bed, there is enough space for you to move around. But a bathtub won’t give you much space to experiment with various types of sexual positions. You should stick to one position while having sex with a call girl in the bathtub. 

The Showerhead Surprise 

The showerhead surprise is a position that involves sexual stimulation with a showerhead. You should lie on your back while the escort will give you a blowjob with the showerhead. She can also use the force of water to her advantage to provide you with a hard-on. 

It is crucial to note that not all showerheads are manufactured equal. Some may come with a stronger water pressure and make things difficult. Therefore, it is important to communicate with call girls before indulging in sex with a showerhead.   

Get an Erotic Massage Afterward 

If you are still not finished yet, an erotic massage can just be the perfect option. Call girls listed on ListCrawler are experts in body-to-body massage. They can focus on your body’s pressure points and erogenous joints to help you unwind. 

Create Intimacy with Synchronized Splash 

The synchronized splash is a playful position that’s suitable to create intimacy. If it is your first sexual encounter with an escort, learn about this position. Both you and the call girl can sit facing each other in the bathtub with legs intertwined. 

Either one of you can take the initiative of rocking your hips. For added pleasure, you should experiment with various movements and angles. In this position, communication is the key to orgasms.   

Intercourse Shouldn’t Be Your Priority 

Always remember that intercourse shouldn’t be your priority in the bathtub. There are other ways in which you can make the most out of your time with call girls. For instance, you can explore the other sexual stimulation techniques in the bathtub. 

Blowjob and ball licking work especially well when you are submerged in water. If you have made up your mind about having fun in the bathtub, always explore different types of sexual activities. 

Aftercare is Important 

No matter how you and the call girl enjoy yourselves in the water, don’t underestimate the importance of aftercare. It is crucial to rehydrate after having sex in a bathtub. A proper aftercare routine can help you prepare for sex in the bedroom. 

So, these are the key areas to focus on while having sex in a bathtub. You can hire call girls from Ladys.One to have erotic sex in the tub. The call girls on their portal are versatile and can redefine your sexual experience in the bathtub.  


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