AppLock Apk Download v3.2.2

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AppLock is a useful tool that allows us to put a virtual lock on practically any element of our Android. The most basic thing will be to protect our applications so that nobody can access or uninstall them. We can also protect photos, videos and even contacts and messages.

The operation of the application is very simple. The user will have to create an unlock pattern associated with the application they want to protect. From that moment on it will be necessary to enter a said pattern to use that application. Even if another user tries to uninstall that app, a window with the lock pattern will stop them.

More About App Lock

The best thing about the application is that we can even hide its icon. So that no one knows that we have it installed and only we can see it by typing a code on the phone’s keypad.

Another interesting feature is the so-called ‘Photo Vault’, which allows us to keep photographs secret that only we can open.

With this utility, you can block or unblock apps depending on the time of day. You will have the possibility of assigning patterns that make an application block in the morning. It can be accessible at night, always depending on the use that makes of it and the time and place. In this sense, you can create different profiles to activate or deactivate at a specific time. For example, activate your work profile when you are in the office. Do not want any colleague to gossip about certain tools, or activate the home profile if you want more freedom.

AppLock is a very interesting tool, thanks to users who can add an additional layer of security to their phones. With it, we will never have to worry about leaving the terminal for a friend again. Our photos, videos, documents, files and other applications will be safe and secure.

Block the app

To lock your applications is the most basic functionality of any security feature. AppLock is an app locker that can block any app like Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Gallery, Snapchat, Instagram, Contacts, Gmail, SMS, Settings, incoming calls, etc.

It works as a lock screen for applications.

Hide photos, files and apps

You can use the AppLock application to hide pictures, videos and other files by creating a vault for them. Hidden images and videos will disappear from Gallery and will only be visible in the photo and video vault.

Different profiles

You can create different user profiles and configure multiple blocking profiles for them.

Random keyboard and invisible pattern

AppLock uses a random keyboard and an invisible lock pattern. So you don’t need to worry about anyone looking to see your pin or pattern.

Themes and widgets

Well-designed themes are compatible with the latest AppLock application. You can use Widget to quickly lock and unlock any application.

Block Android Installer

It can also block your Android installer, preventing any unauthorized app installation.

Time and location lock

AppLock can set different times to automatically lock/unlock any app after a specific time. You can also set automatic lock / unlock based on location.

Lock switches

The AppLock application can also block various Android switches like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, etc. Prevent others from using your Wi-Fi or mobile data without permission.

Add a cover

You can add a cover page as a warning message in apps that you have blocked. The warning message says “the application has stopped”, which is one of the common Android warnings.

Other features

  • Incognito browser: prevents recording any history.
  • Hide the AppLock icon.
  • The lock system settings prevent children from ruining your phone.
  • Avoid uninstalling applications.
  • Low memory and power usage.
  • Quick change locks.
  • Auto-lock and restart policy (prevents task killers from removing the app lock)
  • Change locks in the status bar.

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