Houseparty Apk Download v1.5

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It is one of many applications that allows us to organize large video conferences with all our friends. Just press a button to start the video call with one of our contacts, but the advantage is that we can easily add other people, turning a normal video call into a true mass video call.

Before we start using Houseparty, we need to create a user account. To do this, we need to enter an email address and choose a username and voila, you are ready to use Houseparty apps for free.

Now you can enjoy the best application to connect with whoever you want face to face with your team, Houseparty. It has a versatile operation, as it notifies you when your friends are at home, ready to start several conversations at the same time.

It is the ideal application to see your friends in different parts of the world. Also, you can video conference and video call with multiple friends at the same time. Just select the contact and the video starts.

Download Houseparty and forget about distances to talk to those you love the most.

Organize the best party on your device

The first thing you should do when downloading the application is to create a user account, totally free. You just have to write down your email and choose a striking username. Afterward, all your contacts that have the application are added automatically.

On the home screen, you will see a video icon, where you add all the participants through an invitation. These join the video as they open the invitation. In addition, if some of your contacts still do not use the App, you can send them the invitation through Facebook or WhatsApp to download it.

Likewise, you have the possibility of connecting in video calls with 8 people at the same time, with high resolution. Also, you can chat with your friends in virtual rooms, several at the same time. In these rooms you can play in a group.

For example, you have the Pictionari game, ideal for drawing pictures and others guess what you drew. Trivial, trivia game to see who gets the answers right in a short time. Additionally, Chips and Guac is a fun word matching game.

Finally, the game Who’s Who the player places a virtual card on his forehead with clues so that others can guess what it is about. The themes of these cards are varied, of actors, movies and video games. An outstanding aspect of this game is that it has paid functions. The cards to be guessed have a specific cost.

On the other hand, the calls are private and not public. This allows you to speak only with who you prefer, through an invitation. However, if you want to talk to strangers you can do so, just send them an invitation.

What’s more, the application has privacy settings to block anyone from entering the virtual chat rooms. In case a friend of your friends wants to enter, you will receive a notification. Also, this application is recommended for people over 13 years old.

Houseparty Features

  • The application has the House Rules section, with a list that you must comply with.
  • Room Lock Option, a button located at the bottom left, ideal for restricting the entry of other people.
  • The strange Danger function is an alarm when others want to enter the chat room without authorization.
  • It has Share Location, to add friends who are close to you who use the App.
  • Private application with high levels of security.
  • When you complete the process of everything Houseparty asks you to be users, you can automatically add all the contacts from your phone, although it is not necessary.
  • Note that other users must also have Houseparty installed to use it.
  • Downloading, registering and calling are completely free.
  • Houseparty download applications for android is a means of entertainment and direct communication that allows you to communicate with many friends who are separated at the same time.

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