Klondike Adventures Apk Download v2.2

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Klondike Adventures is a farm simulation and strategy game that already has millions of players around the world. The objective of the game is to build a farm and a city amid the lush landscapes of Alaska. The visual section is very beautiful and colorful, it also has a dynamic that is entertaining and is quite addictive.

Transport yourself to the Alaska of the gold rush. So you can explore the lands, experience incredible adventures and build a prosperous city. You may find tons of gold hidden among the amazing landscapes. Now you have a chance to get your good share, but you must be willing to risk it.

For those who love simulation and strategy games, Klondike Adventures has it all. Dive into wild territories with the help of Kate and Paul, two brave adventurers that you must control. Together with them, you will discover the cold lands of the north. You will know the history of the indigenous people who live in that place.

Explore the region, turn an abandoned station into a vibrant city. Build farms, mines and factories. You can also complete all kinds of challenges and go on incredible expeditions.

Explore the cold regions of Alaska and experience incredible adventures

When you start playing Klondike Adventures, a city appears with few resources and practically in ruins. First, you must cultivate the pea fields and then you can collect to cultivate again.

Thanks to these crops, you will earn money to invest in getting other advances and elements. For example, buying farm animals, improving facilities in the city and factories. In this way, you will be able to multiply the resource collection process.

Gradually you can turn that small town into a big, rich, and prosperous city. Meanwhile, organize expeditions that allow you to discover every corner around you. So you can find incredible places and hidden treasures.

But this is not all, you also have the opportunity to compete with the owners of neighboring farms. To do this, you must complete orders for objects and agricultural products during events that are held in a limited time.

Moreover, unlock challenging missions. Help your star explorers, Kate and Paul, solve mysteries. They will also have to rebuild the ancient ruins found in the various towns and villages they visit. Meet unique characters, hear their exciting stories on the trips they make from one place to another.

Klondike Adventures Features

  • Free strategy and simulation game.
  • Includes in-app purchases.
  • Attractive and well-made graphics.
  • Super fun and addictive gameplay.
  • With entertaining mini-games inside or outside your own farm.
  • Unlock amazing missions.
  • Compete with other players.

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