Snapchat Apk Download v11.1.5.81

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Do you want to download Snapchat for free on your mobile? You have just stepped down a step at the right place. As you well know, it is booming, with more than 200 million active users. The new ephemeral messaging app is causing a real furor among the most daring and active users of the mobile landscape. You may want to download it on your Android device and, in the latter case. We will also provide you with the APK so you can install it on your own.

The latest version of Snapchat brings with it a multitude of novelties and simply impressive functions. That is why the vast majority of users are becoming more and more hooked on this new trend of fashion. This trend basically consists of sending photos and videos with an expiration date, instantaneous, ephemeral. The user is able to share images and configure the display time of the content after that time has expired. The sent image or video will be deleted and will disappear forever.

Downloading Snapchat for free is very simple. We will only need a compatible mobile device and a couple of minutes to follow the steps. Install the application or the APK for free, failing that. In the following lines, we will see the best method to download it to your mobile device in the fastest way.

Snapchat main features

As many of you know, Snapchat is an ephemeral messaging application. This means that everything we send and receive in it will be deleted in a short period of time and can never be recovered again. This has been extremely curious to many people, who decide to communicate with their friends, loved ones and even strangers with the funniest messages, photos and ephemeral videos.

In addition, Snapchat has a large number of features that are sure to make you fall in love:

  • Send and receive hilarious photos and short videos. These can only be seen as long as we have our finger pressing the screen and as soon as we finish viewing it. It will be completely eliminated.
  • Edit and add a fun touch to your photos. When you take a photo, edit it before sending it to your contact. You can insert funny stickers, add text to images, draw anything directly on the screen with your finger.
  • Choose the duration of a photo. When you take a photo to send, you can configure the time you want your contact to view the photo. You can choose between 1 and 10 seconds.
  • View your Snaps. When you receive a snap, just slide your finger on the screen to go to the message center. Once there, click on the snap you like and enjoy. Remember, don’t let go of your finger from the screen until you’re done looking at it.
  • Stories. For a few months, Snapchat had a very interesting feature for all its users. We speak of “Stories” a section that allows us to create a set of snaps sent by different people who are in the same event or place. For example, right now we have Turn Up: Ibiza, where we can see all the people who have shared snaps while enjoying the magnificent party in Ibiza.
  • Discover. In this small section we can find the best stories and latest news from some of the most popular internet portals such as Comedy Central, MTV, National Geographic, Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed and much more.

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