Sonic Dash 2 Apk Download v2.2.4 – Sonic Boom

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It is a spectacular platform video game, the typical “endless runner”, where the protagonist is still the friendly blue. In Sonic Dash 2 you will find all the usual elements of Sonic, such as his formidable scenarios, with which all users are already familiar and the special powers to take significant advantages.

In the most recent version, the game presents us with an interesting novelty. You can change characters during the race, at some specific points along the route. Each character you change will have their own ability that will help you get many more points.

Sonic Dash 2 Gameplay: Sonic Boom

The game mechanics are extremely simple. The main player, through the hedgehog, must run, run and run without stopping on different tracks and scenarios. In each level, you will be presented with obstacles and enemies that you must dodge while collecting endless rings that will earn you points.

Additionally, Sonic Dash 2 has special points in the scenarios. Specifically in the caves, where you can change characters. Some of which are available are Knuckles, Amy, Sticks, Shadow, Tails, Sonic, Blaze, Silver, among others.

In the different levels, you will also find some rings or red stars, which you can collect to get new characters, more content or elements and updates, or failing that. You can also buy them through microtransactions that you can carry out within the game itself.

Sonic Dash 2 advances automatically at all times, something that differentiates it from other games. You will have the opportunity to share and compete with other players to achieve the “fastest time” or “longest race”.

Features of Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

  • The game has 3D graphics, which make the experience much more enjoyable and exciting.
  • It has a new game mode “In Team”, in this mode, you can run with three characters at the same time. You can change the characters when you go to the middle of the race and get the best records.
  • It allows you to use new powers with which you can eliminate your enemies, such as Amy’s hammer, Sonic’s accelerator magnet, among others.
  • It presents a new way of playing, tilting the device to balance the character in the middle of the race.
  • You can win special prizes.
  • Together with the online leaders, Sonic Dash app store games offer the opportunity to challenge our friends online.
  • We just play like always, set our record and send it to our friends to try and beat it. If they succeed, they will beat us and if they don’t, we will win.
  • Graphically, Sonic Dash is a spectacular game that not only has the colorful aesthetic of the franchise, but also beautiful character models and detailed backgrounds.
  • It also works very well on powerful terminals.

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