Temple Run Apk Download v1.15.0

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“In every adventure movie there is a scene where the hero finally gets his hands on the treasure, but then he has to go through a lot of traps to get out alive. Temple Run is that scene. And it’s amazing.” –

From the creators of the award-winning bestseller, Harbor MasterĀ® comes the most exciting running game on the App Store. Test your reflexes as you race down the temple walls and along sheer cliffs. Hit to spin, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, collect coins and rack up power-ups, and see how far you can run!

Temple Run is a fun action game belonging to the endless runner’s type. Your duty is to run avoiding the obstacles on the way, which will be many.

It is set in Central American jungles with archaeological sites. You will find yourself in sacred temples, full of treasures, where you must run to save your life from angry animals, such as monkeys.

In addition, advancing will speed up the race with intense challenges. Therefore, download Temple Run, collect the largest number of coins and go as far as possible from your mobile.

Run as fast as you can through a mysterious jungle

Your goal in this adventure is to run as fast as you can, your life in the game depends on this. Gangs of giant monkeys will chase you in the middle of ancient temples, so you need to control your movements, one wrong step will make you lose.

In addition, the game controls are easy to handle. They consist of 4 basic movements with the finger. Up is to jump, down to slide, left to turn in that direction and right the same. Also, it is necessary to move your equipment to avoid stumbling in your direction, tilt it so that it runs close to or separated from a wall.

Also, the obstacles in the game are repeated regularly, combining with each other in different ways to place different traps. Among the obstacles, you will find are tree branches, black holes, fire traps. To avoid them, collect the greatest number of coins, which are used to buy, magic and abilities for your character.

Also, these coins give you special abilities for a few minutes in critical areas of the game. That is, turbos or speeds in case a mutant monkey wants to catch you or resurrect you once if you die.

Also, as time passes, the character’s speed increases, at a rate that is difficult to maintain. This is where the play becomes difficult, you must do your best to keep your reflexes sharp and avoid the traps that are generated at random.

On the other hand, Temple Run has excellent 3D graphics, very well defined. The ancient temples in the game are well designed, enhancing your experience in this mythical adventure. Also, on-screen you will find additional accelerometers for the character and additional options to include new controls for this.

Therefore, do not stop downloading this exciting game. Jump and run as far as possible, being unattainable in a short space of time.

Temple Run Features

  • Practical interface, easy to use.
  • It is a very addictive arcade game.
  • Easy, bump, and tilt controls to keep you from tripping in this frenetic race.
  • It has powerups or abilities to improve the quality of the character.
  • Race in 3D that combines turns, jumps and inclines.
  • It allows you to play with 7 characters.
  • Hundreds of levels to discover, with challenging scenarios.
  • Recommended for children 13 years and older.
  • You can download it from the app store for iOS and Android.
  • In short, if you like extreme speeds, download Temple Run. With this game, you will always be on the go.

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