Youtube Apk Download for Android v15.37.35

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YouTube, which recently introduced the ability to automatically delete your history. Continues to be one of the most used Google services by users of all platforms. The Youtube apk app is one of the most downloaded application that have more than 5,000 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Google now decided to give it a facelift by updating its homepage with a cleaner design and enhance functionality. This new aspect is already available on both computers and YouTube apk applications for Android and iOS tablets. Although Google has promised that “very soon it will be for everyone.”

To make it easier for you to find the videos you are interested in. YouTube redesign includes longer titles, fuller thumbnails, and better resolution in previews. In addition, to make the page design more clean, some content blocks have been removed. Although there are still thematic video rows for breaking news and music mixes, among others.

On the home page, channel icons appear below each video so we can easily recognize the content and the creator.

In the same way, YouTube has incorporated the ‘add to queue’ option to desktop computers. This allows you to select a few videos to watch successively, without interrupting the video you are watching. Videos that are added to the queue are not saved when you sign out. It can be seen in the “Watch later” playlist.

Another functionality that was already available on mobile devices and that is now reaching computers is to ask YouTube to stop suggesting videos from some channels. To do this, just go to the three-dot menu next to a video and select “Do not recommend channel. You will be unable to see the video recommendations for that specific channel on the home page. You can search its videos using the search tool, visiting the corresponding channel, or on the Trends tab.

Finally, Google has announced that a new functionality (already available in the Android app). This will soon be coming to desktop computers and tablets that allow you to customize your YouTube homepage.

That is why platform no. 1 of online video continues to implement improvements. In this case in the official YouTube apk app that updates its version. The user continues to have a very good experience when finding the videos they are looking for.

Some of the changes are:

Home page: offers personalized information with video recommendations based on your history, you will also have easy access to personalized playlists.

Subscriptions: you can find the latest videos from your favorite channels and creators in the new Subscriptions tab. Also, to not miss anything, you can touch the bell icon on the channels you like the most to have a notification as soon as a new video is published.

Account: you can see your playlists, your history and the videos you have uploaded.

Another of the improvements implemented is the ability to view vertical videos full screen with just one touch for the first time.

Recall that the app has a set of tools for creating videos. Like cropping the footage, tinting the image with filters, adding music and uploading the video, all within the application.

The company reported that this new update is currently only available for the Android system, the mobile web version, and very soon on iOS. They also promised new functionality so far this year.

Live Broadcast on YouTube from Android

YouTube is the most popular video streaming website today and has been maintained through the years. One of the most popular features is live streaming on YouTube from your Android app.

Therefore, today you will know the steps you must take to broadcast live on YouTube from your Android cell phone.

  1. Open the YouTube application on your Android cell phone.
  2. Once inside the application, you must press the “Capture” button that is located on the top bar of YouTube.
  3. Next, you select the option ” Broadcast live “, then you can enter the title of the broadcast.
  4. Then, you will choose the next tab where you can place what kind of audience will be able to see your content.
  5. Then, you will select the “Gear” symbol located in the upper right corner. So you can see your link that you can share with your friends. In that same section, you can also choose if you want to activate or deactivate chat, age restrictions and paid promotions.
  6. After having configured these parameters. You must select the “Next” button to capture the thumbnail that will appear in the transmission.
  7. Finally, you will select the “Live broadcast” button located at the bottom of the screen, to start the broadcast.

Once you are broadcasting live. You can change the camera you are recording with by pressing the “Camera” button located in the lower-left corner. You will also have available the button of the “3 dots” where you can activate the flash, share, hide the chat and silence the transmission.

Once you have finished your live broadcast on YouTube, you must press the “Finish” button to finish.

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