Bullet Bender Apk Download v1.17

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Bullet Bender is an action game where you must direct the trajectory of a bullet to the opponent that appears on the screen. This will be at different angles, so you should do your best to handle the ammo until you hit it.

The game has different levels, in varied settings . It has the tools you need to direct ammunition. In addition, you have options to customize your character’s outfit . Also, it has different types of projectiles.

Also, the controls are practical , allowing you to move sideways, up or down, in order to get the shot right . Therefore, if you think you need coordination and agility, download Bullet Bender , the best option to stay focused when firing a projectile.

Hit every projectile you fire

The game mechanics are very simple, you have in your hands a character with different weapons. This must end the opponent, who is represented in red in the game.

When shooting from a pistol or rifle, you can control the trajectory of the bullet until it reaches the enemy. You can do it with your finger , its controls are easy to handle . They allow you to handle the projectile at the speed you prefer . You can even stop the trajectory if you notice that it is poorly focused.

In addition, you have the option to adjust your character’s clothing and accessories . You can choose and customize the bullet that comes out of your weapon, perfect to adapt the shot according to the element or enemy.

When starting the first level, you just have to press on the screen and open fire. From there, slide your finger from side to side to establish the trajectory of the projectile and avoid falling into the traps. What’s more, by moving you avoid hurting the civilians present in the game.

Also, as you progress, the levels get harder to beat . If you beat them, you unlock items to customize the shooter, bullets and special explosives that kill multiple enemies at once.

Apart from this, the number of enemies and the ammunition available appear on the screen . In this way, you can calculate the trajectory of each bullet with precision and finish them all.

Moreover, you can download Bullet Bender on your PC . It is very easy to handle, with your keyboard and mouse you can control each projectile. Without a doubt, it is the best option to spend hours of fun at home.

Bullet Bender Features

  • Easy-to-use mechanical interface .
  • Hundreds of levels, with intense challenges.
  • It allows you to unlock outfits and new powerful ammunition.
  • Precise controls to control the bullet at the height you prefer.
  • Good physics system when fixing the trajectory of the projectile.
  • It has explosive barrels to finish the enemy permanently.
  • Different types of bullets with unique abilities.
  • Enhancements are constantly being included to enhance your experience.
  • Recommended for ages 13 and up.
  • Therefore, Bullet Bender is a game that allows you to handle the bullet however you want. Relax, aim and shoot with precision until you finish the opponent.

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