Showcaller Apk Download v2.1.7 – Caller ID, Call Recorder & Blocker

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Showcaller is an application designed to identify and block unknown calls, even if the number is not in your contacts.

It gives your smartphone the ability to manage the calls coming into your device very well. Also, you can block some specific numbers and easily identify them.

The millions of users who have chosen to download this application highlighted that the experience is more pleasant and safe.

Also, this free application helps you to know the name of the people who are calling you. And its security does not allow anywhere to make your telephone directory public and accessible.

The main objective of this application is to avoid sales calls and telephone frauds that are increasing in number and making life more insecure. By declaring such phone numbers as spam, your phone will not even ring when you have an incoming call.

Telephone intelligence for your calls

You can know who is calling you by phone even if they are not on the list of phone contacts. Also, it lets you know if some unknown numbers have been declared spam by other people who have downloaded the same application.

Also, the application since its inception reports the phone numbers that have called our phone at some point and that have been considered spam. Quickly and easily, just by pressing a button, you can block calls coming from these numbers. Thus avoiding any phone fraud or unwanted calls.

The aspect of blocking unwanted calls is just one of the tools that this important application has. On the other hand, it also allows the user to add contacts and find a contact from our notebook at any time.

This useful application can be replaced by the original call application of the phone. You will opt for a more interesting, comfortable and easy to use mode.

Even offline, Caller ID works seamlessly and keeps your contacts safe. However, you must remember that the operator charges are included as telephone service.

You can record calls without any problem with this interesting application.

Showcaller Features

  • It has a database and offline operation.
  • Lookup phone numbers quickly and efficiently.
  • It has accessibility and identifier even without having a line.
  • Identify who is calling you even if you don’t have the phone number saved.
  • You can call directly from the application.
  • It gives you the option to block calls that you don’t want.
  • Get rid of unknown numbers found in call history.
  • It allows you to copy the number anywhere in the application and soon notifies you who owns that name.
  • It has the capacity of 2,000,000 telephone numbers in its database.
  • The application is free, although you can make purchases in the App.

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