Google Chrome Apk Download v85.0.4183.127

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Everyone was surprised and pleased when Google announced the launch of its browser, Google Chrome. It advertised simplicity, speed and usability. And that is precisely what this portable version of Google Chrome offers, one of the kings of Internet browsing.

Chrome app has all the elements like a desktop browser, such as its system and tab layout and the bookmarks. It also incorporates specific elements to make it easier to operate from a mobile. As the ability to switch between windows with a single finger movement.

More interesting features of this portable version of Chrome are its fast browsing with accelerated page downloads, private browsing in Incognito mode, search and browsing from the Omnibox, or synchronization of bookmarks and open tabs between our desktop browser and that of the Android terminal.

Google Chrome is one of the best alternatives in the field of mobile browsing on Android operating systems. Of course, if you use Chrome on your computer and you have an Android device, it is practically essential. And it is that the synchronization of data between devices changes the way we navigate anywhere.

Google Chrom Features:

Quick Navigation 

As you type, the search results will appear instantly according to your preferences, depending on the web pages previously visited. It makes your web search easier and takes less time. On the new tab page, Chrome selects articles based on your previous browsing history. So you can quickly find the content of your interest. It is also faster when loading web pages than most other web browsers.


When you log into Chrome, it is automatically synchronized with all Google accounts and services. It also saves and syncs all your bookmarks, passwords, and other settings. This feature helps you seamlessly access all your information from any device you want.

Tabbed browsing 

One of the most useful features of Google Chrome is that all links open new tabs instead of new windows. The tabs are also processed separately, if one website crashes or slows down, it does not affect the rest.

Incognito browsing 

This feature helps you use incognito mode to browse the Internet. Thus, you can privately browse your entire device without saving history.

Touch to Search 

There is a feature called “touch to search”, which allows you to touch any word or phrase and start a Google search while on the page you were enjoying.

Voice Search 

This is a real web browser in Chrome that you can talk to. Using voice, you can navigate and get faster results.

Safe Browsing 

It has a built-in Google Safe Browsing to keep your mobile safe. It displays pop-up warnings when you try to browse sites or download files that are dangerous or harmful to your browsing experience.

Built-in Google Translate 

It has a built-in Google translate that helps you translate entire web pages into your preferred language with one click.

Fast downloads and offline web pages and videos

Chrome has a download option whereby you can easily download videos, photos, and even entire web pages.

Less mobile data 

by activating “lite” mode you can use up to 60% less data. You can compress your texts, images and videos without reducing the qualities.

Google Chrome app is very fast, safe, and light to use as we compared to other android web browsers. On Android, Chrome is the default browser built into the operating system. And although on Windows or Mac, this browser is not the default browser, the user can simply configure it by default, which makes it easier to use.

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