Pou Apk Download v1.4.81

pou apk download

Developed By: Zakeh (Compatible with Android 4.1 and up)

Pou one of the most successful and downloaded gaming app on Google Play puts the player as the caretaker of an alien in the shape of … poop, who we will have to pamper so that it increases, evolves and can be happy.

The concept of the game is very similar to the classic ‘Tamagotchis’ that became so fashionable at the beginning of the century. That is, we will have to feed our pet, play with it to have fun, clean it so that it is healthy, and ultimately give it all the attention it requires.

As we do all this, Pou will grow and, more importantly, the application will reward us with different elements such as hats, clothes or backgrounds for our little pet. We permanently have incentives to continue taking care of him.

The best thing about Pou, however, is that you can communicate with other users of the application. That is, through the Internet, we can visit other friends and acquaintances to obtain other types of rewards.

Pou is a game similar to Tamagachi, where Pou is an alien pet, named after its developer Paul Salameh, that players must entertain, feed, bathe, etc. You can also meet other Pous and play with them, and even take snapshots of their different Pou looks and share them.

Appearances and conditions

The appearance is like a round edge triangle with a tan colored body. There are four status bars that show the POU condition,

  • Hunger bar
  • Health or vitality bar
  • happiness bar
  • Rest bar

How to take care of Pou

With the Hunger bar, you can see the condition of Pou’s hunger. Various types of food can be fed to Pou by dragging them into her mouth. Some foods even affect Pou’s other stats as well. If you provide the same food again and again, Pou will deny to eat it and will issue a “no.” Over time, Pou’s hunger increases killing the health bar. By feeding, you can also watch it increase.

It has 3 different sizes.

a) Baby-0% -49%

b) Child-50% -99%

c) Adult-100%

Give him a bath
Over time, Pou gets dirty. He also defecates, although he only does so in the bathroom. To clean Pou, you must rub it with the soap and wash it. It can also be cleaned by holding the rain cloud over it instead of the flowers, but this method only gives you half the coins as when it is done in the bathroom. The stool can be cleaned simply by touching it.

As time passes, Pou’s vitality runs out. If the hunger and sleep bar is at 0%, the vitality drain rate increases. There are potions that are used to grow Pou’s energy. These are more expensive and should be kept in use with care.

Pou Mini Games

You can also interact with other Pous by visiting them when you play with other Pous as opponents in some select minigames played over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or even the Internet. You can also create a user account to save and backup your game progress.

Using your account, you can transfer Pou from one to another device regardless of the platform, however the version should be the same between both devices. Thus, it allows you to play anywhere with Pou. There are also in-app purchase opportunities that players can take advantage of to enhance their Pou game.

Pou Features:

Some of the features and gameplay details of Pou are detailed below

  • Play the Pou game and collect coins.
  • Experiment and research potions in the laboratory.
  • Customize its appearance.
  • Try on new outfits, hats, and glasses to give Pou a new look.
  • Customize the wallpaper of each room.
  • Unlock achievements and special items.
  • Visit another Pous and play with your friends.
  • Talk to Pou and listen to him.
  • Offers multilingual support.

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