Pubg Mobile Apk Download v1.0.1 – Metro Royale

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Ladies and gentlemen, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile is now available for mobile devices and tablets. We were waiting for it, we wanted it with all our might. Finally, we can download PUBG Mobile APK for Android. Thanks to the guys at Tencent Games, we can play the official game for mobile phones and tablets.

PUBG Mobile with an official license has come to Android, iPhone and iPad through the big door. Unreal Engine 4 brings us spectacular next-generation graphics on our mobile devices. Enjoy a graphical and audio experience that perfectly recreates the PC version.

Keep ready your survivor

We have to start the flight that will take us to the island. You will have to jump at the right moment, it will depend on your strategy to follow. It is important that you have it previously thought out since there will be 100 players on the battlefield.

PUBG MOBILE is the international version for Android operating systems of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. In this version, we can easily identify ourselves using our Google or Facebook credentials. We can also enter directly as guests (without the need for an account).

In the Pubg game, we will have to participate in a ‘battle royale’ in which 100 players will fight with each other in a nearby environment until only one of them leaves or left standing. To do this, we will have to move around the stage while we equip ourselves with the best possible weapons and move towards the skillful play area, which continues to decrease as the minute’s pass.

The control system is a faithful adaptation of the original, as well as the objects and game elements with which we can interact. That is, we can enter all types of buildings, ride in several different vehicles, equip telescopic sights, use first-aid kits, climb walls, and so on.

In the game configuration options, we can modify the level of graphic detail. We can adjust the appearance of the game to the power of our Android terminal. Thus, the more powerful our device is, the better graphics the game can have. We can also customize the controls, both when we are on foot and when we are driving a vehicle.

Download PUBG Mobile Free

To download PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS for mobile phones and tablets we have it really simple. Everything will depend on the platform we have. If we have an Android device, we will have two options to download PUBG Mobile on Android. The first one is by downloading the APK of the game and manually installing it on our smartphone or tablet.

PUBG Mobile Features

We imagine that all of you are already completely familiar with PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. Even so, we are going to highlight some of the main features of PUBG Mobile for Android, iPhone and iPad. What surprises us the most, without a doubt, are its graphics. Very similar to the originals of the PC version but very adapted and optimized for mobile devices and tablets, simply great!

  • Authentic port of the PC version of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.
  • 100 players are dropped on a huge battlefield. The last survivor wins.
  • Realistic graphics and HD audio: Unreal Engine 4 provides a high-quality visual experience. In addition, the 3D and surround sound effects will captivate you.
  • Huge Weapon Selection – Enjoy a host of weapons, ammo, bladed weapons, and disposables. Exploit your ability and kill them.
  • Manageable vehicles: to move from one place to another on an 8x8Km battlefield is not always easy. Choose from a wide variety of vehicles and escape or pursue your goal.
  • Play with your friends: invite your friends to form battle teams, talk through voice chat and let no one resist you.
  • Fair Gaming Environment: Armed with powerful security mechanisms, PUBG Mobile offers you a safe and fun experience.

So, don’t think twice and start downloading PUBG Mobile APK for Android right now. Never has a game for mobile devices created so much excitement. Live the authentic PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile experience on your smartphone or tablet. Show your skills on the battlefield. See you in the trenches !!

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