Whatsapp Messenger Apk Download v2.20.199.12

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Millions of android users choose the WhatsApp Messenger apk format in their android devices to keep in touch with their friends, family and relatives. It is a multi-platform instant messaging apk application for android that allows you to exchange text or voice messages for free. Usually, regular SMS depends on mobile networks and applies charges in exchanges.

It works with the Internet data plan and allows you to send and receive messages for free. It is a fast and reliable apk app that connects you with a friend and companions across the world. All people need to stay connected are smartphones with a stable internet connection.

Whatsapp Platforms

In addition, another important feature that makes this application so popular is that it is available on various platforms and mobile phones. You can also download the WhatsApp Messenger apk for android. What’s even better is that these phones can also exchange messages with each other. Compatibility between different devices is an incredible feature that is difficult to find in most of the other applications available today.

It offers a number of other functions that make contact with your friends even more fun and exciting. For regular text you can type and send, there are emoticons and sets of smileys that you can choose to share with your friends. In addition to the usual smileys, there is also a collection of very useful and creatively designed symbols. These symbols and icons increase the quality of the interaction and communication between the different users.

With all these features, only getting better over time with more being added to the list, WhatsApp has brought the world closer and made communication fun, easy and fully accessible. Installing WhatsApp Messenger apk format for android devices is completely free and can be done in no time. This makes your smartphone much smarter and allows you to send your message to any corner of the world! Straight away!

How does the WhatsApp messenger work?

This communication application revolutionized the forms of communication between mobile phone users. Since in addition to allowing free messages to be sent. It has introduced numerous improvements that allow sharing videos, images, voice notes and even the possibility of making calls and video calls for free. For this reason, it became in a short time, the app with the highest number of downloads on all platforms. But how does it work?

  • First, you need to download the Whatsapp messenger apk app, it is free and you can do it from the link at the end of the content.
  • Next, it is necessary to use the user’s telephone number, which will serve as identification of the user account. When making the identification, the application itself will automatically synchronize with all those contacts in your calendar that use WhatsApp.
  • From now on you will be able to log in and configure your account by uploading a profile photo or an identifying phrase and it will be time to start communication to your contacts and test all the functions of the application.
  • You can make calls and video calls, send audios, photos or practically any digital file.

WhatsApp Features

  • Use group chats to easily communicate with different friends or family.
  • Send and receive data from your computer.
  • There are no additional charges for sending messages abroad. Chat with friends around the world using WhatsApp and avoid the cost of sending international SMS messages.
  • Why did you remember another password or username? WhatsApp works with both your phone number and SMS. Easily integrates with your phone book.
  • Keep your session active so you don’t miss any messages. You don’t have to worry about the status of the session.
  • It uses your phone book to automatically connect with the owners of this application. They do not need to remember their user names.
  • Even if you miss a notification or turn off your phone, WhatsApp keeps your data until you use the application again.
  • Share location, exchange contacts, set image as wallpaper, select custom notification sounds, send anything to multiple contacts at once, and much more.

What other apps are compatible with my WhatsApp?

As of now, one of the most used downloaded applications is “Wasap Fake Image Trolling”. This will use the system thumbnail and then turn into something more engaging, funnier. It can be sent to your existing contacts as well.

For another great trick, try downloading “ChatMate, Emoji Art and Stickers” now. Yes, such apps may be part of your app. It is really a great way to improve your chat messaging experience. With this app, you can share and send super cute and fun smiling faces that can perfectly express your mood. These days stickers are especially so popular that they can now precisely mimic facial expressions.

Another similar application is called “Smileys for WhatsApp”. It is like a combination of the two that were mentioned, you can send stickers and also the popular “memes”. The best way to express yourself and you will have a lot of fun chatting.

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