Youtube 2.3 4 Apk Download for Android

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YouTube has revolutionized communications with new concepts such as YouTubers, people who created their own original content use this medium to disseminate all kinds of tutorials and entertaining content. This platform has many features and utilities, such as social networks, music, alternative media and entertainment website.

What is YouTube and what is it for?

What is YouTube

The YouTube platform is a web portal for sharing and viewing all kinds of videos, animations, movie clips, music videos, and even series, full movies, and documentaries. The resolution of the videos is adjustable and adapts to the latest 4k technology, other settings include subtitles.

Regarding the player of this website, it is based on HTML5 that today is supported by most browsers available on the web. It is worth noting that until 2016, YouTube worked with a player based on Adobe Flash, the video links of this website can be inserted in blogs, web pages by adding an HTML code.

YouTube is used to obtain any content of all kinds. One of the main characteristics is that it has become the most complete audiovisual library that we can have, to the point that currently, it is difficult to think of a video or a song and not look for it on YouTube.

Despite being popular mainly, due to the viral videos that are seen by millions of people in the world, YouTube also serves to find audiovisual content that would otherwise be very difficult to get, such as old TV programs and documentaries.

How do you use YouTube?

How do you use YouTube?

Sure you also want to be part of the YouTube wave and even become famous. It is very easy to post a video on YouTube, but it takes a little more thought and creativity to post a good video. We will tell you how to use YouTube right away.

Open a Google account

If you want to post videos on YouTube, you must first create a Google account. The Google account is free and if you already use Gmail or Google Drive, you already have a Google account.

Create a channel

Your YouTube account is called a channel. This is where all the videos and comments you post when connected to YouTube will be displayed. By default, your channel will have the same name as your Google account. If you want to use a different name on YouTube, you must create a new channel.

To create a channel, click on your account name in the upper right corner, then click the All channels link . This will open a page showing all the channels related to your account. Click the Create new channel button . You will be asked to choose a name for the new channel you are creating, as well as a category.

Choose a channel name in relation to the content you are going to put on it. This will make your channel more recognizable and more serious.

Get some video recording equipment

The materials you will need will depend on what you really want to do. If you want to give the impression of watching TV while watching your videos, you will need a good camera and some video editing software. If you are going to film yourself, you can simply buy a webcam. If you publish animations, you will need some material to create it.

Add a profile picture

This photo will be seen every time you post next to each of your videos. You will be redirected to Google+ to add a photo, the changes will appear on the YouTube channel page.

Add some background to your channel

Your channel has a banner at the top of the page that will appear when the viewer watches your video on a computer or mobile device. This banner is essential to recognize your channel and can really help you stand out.

You can add a banner by uploading images from Google+, or you can download images directly to your computer.

Add a description

Your channel description appears in YouTube search results and allows your visitors to get a quick review of your content. A good description can help you attract more visitors, but a misleading description will make them run away.

Add links

You can add links in the About part of your channel. These links help visitors to easily access your other pages on the Internet. Use these links to redirect visitors to your other sites or to your online store.

Take a look at other channels

If you’re having trouble deciding how to personalize your page, look at other sites to see how other popular pages are doing in your chosen niche. This can give you insights into how other popular YouTube channels have made a name for themselves.

Publish your videos

Convert your video and put it online

You will attract many more visitors with your videos if you make the effort to make them more beautiful. Follow the tips below when editing your videos:

Videos on YouTube must have an introduction

Especially if they are part of a series, but the presentation should not be longer than 10 seconds. The introduction should identify you, as well as your channel and the content of the video.

Create beautiful effects with transitions

Transitions help the viewer to move from one scene to another or to another subject. With this option you will help him to follow your video while it is playing.

Eliminate unnecessary scenes and errors

YouTube does not broadcast live, so you should take the time to eliminate the mistakes you made and record again what did not turn out the way you wanted. It will get to make a quality video if you write a script before activating it.

Put your video online on your channel

Click the Download button in the upper right corner of the YouTube page. Make sure you are connected to the correct channel when you put the video online.

  • When putting a video online for everyone, make sure you’ve selected a public video so your potential visitors can find the content on the search engine.
  • Going online and compressing can take a while, especially if your internet connection is slow.
  • You can record directly from your webcam instead of publishing an external video, in this case you should use another program that gives you more recording options.

Add a description

The description will appear next to the video icon when it appears in the search results.

Avoid copying the video title in the description. Take a few minutes to find an original description.

Add tags

Make sure to tag your video with the name of your channel. This will help you when you go to YouTube or Google to remove your videos.
Watch other people’s videos in the same category as yours and see what tags they use. Choose tags that are closely related to your video.

Add annotations

Avoid putting too many annotations on your video, as this can scare your viewers. Too many annotations hide the original video and its content is difficult to see.

Share your video

Once your video has been uploaded, tagged, submitted, and annotated, it’s time to share it with the rest of the world. You’ll get multiple views simply through search engine results. It can also be helpful to advertise your video elsewhere.

Post links to the video on your blog, Facebook or Google+ and let people who follow you on other social networks know that your video is available. The more attention you attract, the more likely your video is to go viral.

Earn money with your videos

If you meet certain criteria, you can earn money from the number of views your video receives. For example, you may be asked to place an ad at the beginning of the video or to create an AdSense account.

What is Youtube Premium?

YouTube has always been at the forefront and has never rested to offer a high-quality service, due to high competition, where even companies like Amazon have started to compete fiercely. It becomes difficult to stay in the position of the best platform. , and from this need YouTube Premium is born.

It is a subscription service that provides you with new features regarding the way you interact, designed to compete directly with platforms such as Netflix.

What is the cost of Youtube Premium?

The monthly cost of YouTube Premium is $ 12 USD. With this paid option you will enjoy YouTube as you have never done before, where one of its strongest points is viewing content without having to deal with annoying ads, which have been widely criticized.

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